List of Subactivities of 11th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition (CIEME) & Achievements Exhibition                                      


      1   Opening and Closing Press Conferences. Provide a brief overview of the CIEME and Achievements Exhibition, and report the preparation progress of the CIEME and Achievements Exhibition.

      2   Opening Ceremony         

      3  Summit Forum on the Development of China Equipment Manufacturing Industry.       Leaders from Liaoning Provincial Government, Shenyang Municipal Government, and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (MIIT) make a speech respectively. Experts, scholars and enterprise representatives give a keynote lecture respectively.

      4   CIEME Purchaser Meeting. Purchaser representative makes a speech, exhibitor representative makes a speech. Provide a brief overview of the CIEME and recommend excellent exhibitors and exhibits. Make matches and discussions freely.                       

      5   Exchange Meeting on the Cooperation and Development of Shenyang and Japan Equipment Manufacturing Industry 2012. Enhance Japanese guests' understanding of Shenyang. Promote mutual cooperation and exchange. Jointly discuss the cooperation opportunities between Shenyang and Japan in equipment manufacturing industry.

     6   Project Matchmaking Meeting Between Shenyang and Japan Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises 2012. Representatives from 18 Japanese enterprises conduct matchmaking and discussion with representatives from relevant manufacturing enterprises in Shenyang and officers from the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (Investment Promotion Bureau) of relevant counties, districts and development zones.         

      7   Shenyang and Japan Robot Contest 2012.

      8   Promotion of Nantong Equipment Manufacturing Industry. Introduce the prominent advantages and potential of developing equipment manufacturing industry in Nantong. Promote the cooperation and exchange between Nantong and excellent domestic and foreign enterprises in the fields of shipbuilding, ocean engineering, engineering machinery, rail transportation equipment, automation equipment, CNC machine tool and agricultural machinery.                  

      9   Prize-Awarding Ceremony for Exhibits of CIEME