Main Subactivities of the 12th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition (CIEME)


1. Opening Press Conference. Report the preparation progress of the CIEME.

2. Opening Ceremony

3. Launch Ceremony of 2013 China Shenyang Equipment Manufacturing Industry Talent Recruitment Campaign. Content: 1. Signing Ceremony of High-Level Talent Strategic Alliance among National Key Industries, the Five Human Resources Markets, and Provincial and Municipal Employment and Personnel Services Bureau. 2. Launch Ceremony of Shenyang High-Level Talent Database. 3. Forum on "Integration of Informationization and Industrialization".   4. Talent Recruitment Campaign.

4. Launch Ceremony of Dongguan Session of Dongguan-made Goods Nationwide Tour under the 12th CIEME.

5   Forum on Application of Hydraulic Technology under the 12th CIEME. Discuss the innovation of hydraulic technology and its practical application in different industries.

6   Brand Promotion of Hangzhou Industrial Cluster of Equipment Manufacturing Industry. Leaders of Hangzhou introduce the overall development level, investment environment and investment policy of equipment manufacturing industry. Leaders of Xiaoshan economic and technological development zone introduce the investment environment in Xiaoshan. Leaders of Hangzhou Qianjiang economic and technological development zone introduce the investment environment in Qianjiang.

7   CIEME Purchaser Meeting.    1. Provide a brief overview of the CIEME and recommend excellent exhibitors and exhibits. 2. Make matches and discussions freely.

8   2013 Shenyang "Millions of Skilled Personnel Training Project" and Welding Contests of Employee Vocational Skill Competition.     A total of 20 stations are provided, and participants will conduct skill PK. Three kinds of welding contests will be held during the competition, including manual arc welding, gas shielded arc welding and argon arc welding.


9   Prize-Awarding Ceremony for Exhibits of 12th CIEME.  

10 Product Introduction and Exchange of Dr. Johannes Heidenhain (China) Co., Ltd.