Special Report on China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition

Special Report on China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition


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The 13th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition (CIEME) & National High-Tech Equipment Exhibition was opened at Shenyang International Exhibition Center on September 1st. On the opening day, all aspects went well and achieved good results.

I. The opening ceremony was simple and enthusiastic, making a good beginning.

At 10 a.m., the opening ceremony of the 13th CIEME was held between Halls E1 and W1. Mr. Huangkai, Deputy Mayor of Shenyang, presided at the opening ceremony, Mr. Chen Haibo, Mayor of Shenyang, made a speech, and Mr. Bing Zhigang, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, declared the CIEME open.

II. Visitors to the CIEME exhibition area were of a large number.

On September 1st, the CIEME visitor registration system was started for statistical and technical management of visitors. On September 1st and 2nd, there were 88,000 visitors to CIEME, among which there were 56,000 professional visitors and 32,000 common visitors. More visitors stopped at International Machine Tool Exhibition Area in Hall E1 and National High-Tech Equipment Exhibition Area in Hall W1. Many people were interested in high-tech and scientific achievements and negotiated with each other on transformation of scientific achievements.

III. Mr. Li Xi, Governor of Liaoning Province, visited the exhibition.

On the afternoon of September 2nd, Mr. Li Xi, Governor of Liaoning Province, visited the Shenyang International Exhibition Center. After listening to the report on Shenyang equipment manufacturing development and CIEME, Governor Li Xi pointed out, the equipment manufacturing industry was a pillar industry of Liaoning, CIEME held for consecutive 13 years had conducted some sound explorations in exhibition specialization, marketization and internationalization, and we should sum up experience continually, enhance the exhibition level, ensure best quality and hold CIEME on long-term basis. We should adhere to marketization path, as Liaoning had not only the basis of marketization operation but also the enterprise basis. To face domestic and international markets, domestic and international first-class enterprises were attracted to make CIEME the platform for exhibiting equipment manufacturing products from Shenyang, Liaoning, China and the world, the platform for counterparts to exchange technologies and experiences and develop products, and the window and platform to promote native enterprises to go overseas and introduce domestic and foreign well-known enterprises. It was hoped that CIEME would grow more and more successful and really become the platform for showing achievement of rejuvenating old northeast industrial bases and promoting equipment manufacturing development. Major Chen Haibo and Deputy Major Huangkai accompanied Governor Li Xi for inspection.

IV. Negotiation was active on the CIEME site, and the trading volumes rose rapidly.

At the CIEME exhibition area, 301 sales leads were got on September 1st and 2nd, including: 50 machining centers from Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., 3 tunnel boring machines from Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd., 12 robots from Yaskawa Shougang Robot Co., Ltd., 4 vertical machining centers from DeMarco Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, machining centers from Litz Hitech Corp., machining centers from She Hong Industrial Co., Ltd., gantry machining centers from Campio Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., elevators from American Terex Corporation, millers from WELE Mechatronic Co., Ltd., etc.

V. Related subactivities were wonderful with fruitful achievements.

On the opening day, a series of related activities were conducted, including: Industrial Design Forum of China International Equipment Manufacturing Industry, 2014 Exhibition Match of Kawasaki Robots, 2014 Shenyang Millions of Skilled Personnel Training Project and Employee Vocational Skill Competition, Forum on Application of Hydraulic Technology under CIEME and CIEME Purchaser Meeting, etc.

In 2014, there were three welding processes in 2014 Shenyang High-Skilled Talents Classic: manual arc welding, carbon dioxide shielded arc welding and argon arc welding. There were 20 players having senior technician qualification certificate or winning a prize in national skill competition.

2014 Industrial Design Forum of China International Equipment Manufacturing Industry was held in Grand Metropark Hotel Shenyang. This Industrial Design Forum of China International Equipment Manufacturing Industry, with the subject that design changes equipment that needs equipment, was the first one in northeast region and China.

On September 1st, the 4th China-Japan Robot Race the Kawasaki municipal government delegation attended was held in Japanese Exhibition in E1, and Mr.OsawaTsutomuSUTOMU, as Consul-General of Japan in Shenyang, attended this race and made a speech. On the afternoon, a lecture on Japan Robot Race and an introduction on environmental protection of JFE as Japan Large-Scale Environment Protection Enterprise, including urban waste treatment, were also given in Japanese Exhibition.

VI. The influence of CIEME continuously expanded, and domestic and foreign media paid more attention.

The opening of this CIEME attracted more domestic media which sent journalists for broadcast live and series report, and the situation concerning the opening ceremony and the exhibition area became the recent news focus. It was known that there were 35 national media, 9 provincial media and 5 municipal media attending the opening ceremony. In addition, there were also many professional media and network media giving attention to CIEME. Therefore, quick transmission of information on CIEME in the world was realized.

VII. Work was thoughtful and careful, earning CIEME and Shenyang a good reputation.

Before and on the opening day, reception was very important. There were 147 domestic guests attending the opening ceremony and subactivities on September 1st. According to the requirements of respective reception of city leaders, the whole reception work was of tacit cooperation and in good order. The main reception work had no error or fault, which gained universal praise from guests.

VIII. Relevant units worked in harmony to ensure smooth running of the exhibition.


Shenyang Public Security Bureau dispatched 480 police of 11 categories, including public security police, traffic police, special police, criminal police, state security police, plainclothes police, Immigration Office, Sujiatun Public Security Sub-bureau, criminal police dog unit, fire police and armed police, to perform security work particularly well for CIEME. Also, Transportation Bureau, Health and Family Planning Commission, Food and Drug Supervision and Administration Bureau, Bureau for Letters and Calls, Intellectual Property Office, Management and Administration Execution Bureau, Power Supply Company, etc. worked at the CIEME site to ensure that the exhibition was held as per schedule.